Grow Daily Log – 6/12/19

Plant/Field Observations:

Unfortunately due to heavy rain we were not able to plant in ground today. At 11:30 AM, 1 in of rain has fallen. I inspected plants thoroughly to ensure they were healthy. All plants seem to be in same state as yesterday. The most noticeable change was GROWTH! Some plants sprouted up to upwards of 18in tall. I inspected each flat to make sure there was adequate water from yesterday. All are fine. 2 flats at the end of the row seemed a bit drier than the rest. After closer inspection with Mike we noticed there was still water dripplets on the leaves-soil seems ok for another day. We don’t want to over water, especially going into wet soil tomorrow.  

Mike and I spend the rest of day discussing and preparing for tomorrow. Tractor is setup with 2-person water-wheel tomato planter. We intend to plant rows with spacing of 48 in, and width of 60 in (4ft x 5ft).

Weather Observations: rain, rain, rain. Cooler temps in high 50’s.

Screenshot of weather: